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Tech to save the planet. Scope 3 emissions for electronics.

ESG -> Environment -> Scope 3 -> eWaste Reporting


  • build consistent ESG data
  • keep current with updates to ESG standards and frameworks
  • prevent greenwashing


MobiCycle's eWaste platform covers consulting, tech, games and marketing. We recommend you begin your eWaste journey with a consulting engagement. A consulting engagement prepares you to get the most benefit out of our game solutions.

This demo is to be used for example purposes only.


  1. We use the suppliers identified in your upstream and downstream to determine which applications you woudl benefit from most (based on available data).
  2. We use the map of your processes around electronics management (including your suppliers) to understand how to integrate your data.
  3. We retrieve data from your team, your suppliers and external resources.
  4. We integrate the data into the chosen applications.
  5. We use the data to analyze, calculate and track emissions.
  6. We repeat step 5 for biodiversity (optional).
  7. We repeat steps 5 and 6 for pollution (optional).
  8. Bonus: We create custom applications.

This demo is to be used for example purposes only.

Goals for your use of our tech applications

  • Build consistent ESG data
  • Keep current with updates to ESG standards and frameworks
  • Prevent greenwashing

Deliverables from your eWaste tech applications

  • Monitoring of your supply chain
  • Alerts for hot spots
  • Training on electronics management

Activities in support of achieving your outcomes

  • Integration of your data to the applications
  • Visualizations of your data in real time
  • Machine learning to make connections that are not obvious

Demo Games

eWaste Mixed Reality
eWaste Directory
eWaste Standards Tools
Where are WEEE?
SBT Tools
SBTi Tools
Custom Applications

Why eWaste?

eWaste is the world's fastest growing waste stream.

The four dashboards provide insights into how you can manage your electronic and electrical waste. Consulting helps you understand where you are in your ESG journey.

Tech covers hardware and software solutions. Games teach climate change, your best practices, eWaste repair and more.

Marketing assists you with how you communicate your values to the public and celebrate your successes around your handling of eWaste (also see MobiCycle News).